What Parents Need to Know Before Renting Laser Tag Equipment

Hundreds of Australians throw birthday parties for their children each year. In most cases, they will think of the venue, the guests, the refreshments and the gifts (or party favours) in that order. Each of these details contributes significantly towards making the party memorable. However, one element that often does not get the attention it … Continued

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Playing Laser Tag in the Park

Laser tag is one of the most popular outdoor activities for people today. Laser tag is always a great fun, and it can involve any number of people and suit almost all social occasions. Even businesses periodically hire laser tag companies to organize team building events.   Among the countless ways to play laser tag, … Continued

3 Ways Laser Tag Can Boost Your Child’s Performance

Laser tag has gained enormous popularity among people of all ages in Australia. It is used by successful corporations, and you may have seen it as one of the most popular boys’ birthday party ideas. But laser tag is not just a nice game to play at an event, nor is it just meant for … Continued

5 Ways Laser Tag Can Take Any Boys Birthday Party to the Next Level

Laser tag has always been a popular activity in Australia. You can find enthusiasts playing it almost everywhere from parks to concrete arenas to suburban neighbourhoods. The fact that it is incredibly fun and also completely safe makes it a great option for some memorable outdoor fun.   But aside from that weekend fun, laser … Continued

What Makes Laser Tag a Great Birthday Party Idea for Your Kids

  Every parent wants to make their children’s birthday party a special occasion. But it can be tricky to find the right birthday party ideas when you want the perfect balance between fun and safety. This is where laser tag comes out as the perfect solution. Laser tag is easy to play, easy to afford … Continued

5 Boys Birthday Party Places Revealed

  If your boy’s birthday is still months away this is a perfect time to jumpstart the planning and preparations. Why? Work, family duties and other social responsibilities may already keep your schedule busy and planning ahead of time give you more room to find the perfect party place. Hosting a traditional birthday party at … Continued

Teen Birthday Party Ideas: Why Choose Laser Tag In Chatswood

    Birthdays are always a special event. After all, they let us create so many lifelong memories. If you want to make this birthday the most memorable one for your child, laser tag in Chatswood is the answer. So, if you’re looking for some unique and spectacular teen birthday party ideas, you’ve come to … Continued

Games birthday party kids – Exciting Game Modes for Laser Skirmish

One of the goals of any parent planning to organize games birthday party kids would be to create beautiful memories for their kids and guests which can be treasured for a lifetime. Well, laser skirmish definitely offers a lot of excitement, fun and enjoyment which keeps your child engaged and occupied. There are different exciting … Continued

Birthday party ideas for kids – Laser Tag Games for Boy’s Birthday Party

Generally boys are more attracted towards intense, thrilling and exhilarating activities for their birthday party. Nothing offers them better than laser tag games which offers the best birthday party ideas for kids. Outdoor activities offer an environment where kids are introduced to learn social skills, strategies, planning and teamwork. Laser tag game offers the best … Continued

Party for kids birthday – Add zest with Laser Skirmish

There are endless options available for kids birthday parties. However, in case you are looking for something exciting, you can plan for laser tag party for kids birthday. With combat missions themed party for kids birthday, both kids and adults can completely enjoy. There are various benefits associated with hiring a professional for laser tag … Continued

Skirmish – Important Safety guidelines for Laser Tag Party

The laser tag party host should discuss and come to an agreement on the important safety guidelines applicable for a laser tag party. It is generally the responsibility of the party host to ensure that the playing area is relatively safe and kept accident free. Laserwarriors provides professionally trained laser skirmish staff – they can … Continued

Laser Skirmish Sydney – Planning for an Exciting Laser Tag Party

Laser skirmish Sydney is an exciting game ideal for get together events which involves strategy, teamwork and combat skills. Laser skirmish also guarantees beautiful memories and hence popularly featured in themed birthday parties, work place team bonding events and family get-togethers. First and foremost one needs to know about the number of players because you … Continued

Laser Skirmish – A great option for Kids Birthday Party

There are myriad options for kids birthday party, however for kids looking forward to an intense gaming experience, laser skirmish offers a great option. It not only surprises your kids and guests but also improves their mental and physical ability along with important lessons of strategy planning and teamwork. Laser skirmish is an exciting and … Continued

Laser Tag Party – Indoor and Outdoor Tactical Laser Tag

Although both indoor and outdoor tactical laser tag party uses the same technology yet they are completely different games. While indoor laser tag party is extremely popular, outdoor tactical laser tag is also growing fast. Mostly outdoor tactical laser tag uses IR technology and not laser. They use red dot scopes and the equipment used … Continued

Laser tag Chatswood – Beautiful Tips and Tricks of the game

Laser tag Chatswood is an excellent fun game to play with friends, family and colleagues which is quite easy to learn and play. To enhance the gaming experience with laser tag Chatswood one can learn the following tips and tricks of the game. Wear dark clothes because the UV lights would make light colours glow. … Continued

Laser Tag Sydney – Inflatable Bunkers for Ultimate Fun

Inflatable bunkers add fun and excitement to laser tag Sydney where players can hide and strike. These bunkers easily fit into the back of a pickup truck thereby allowing the laser tag Sydney company to install them at any venue of your choice. There are various military themes available for laser tag Sydney which includes … Continued

Laser Tag – Important Tips for Laser Tag Events

Important Tips for Laser Tag Events  One of the best times of the year for outdoor laser tag events is definitely Spring. The Spring break offers a great opportunity for the young and the old to play laser tag games. In order to offer impeccable customer service and high quality gaming experience, LaserWarriors recommend the … Continued

Birthday party ideas for kids – Excellent Laser Tag Team Names

With the perfect name for your laser tag team, you can build a great camaraderie among your team members. One can either brainstorm together or opt for a secret ballot vote for the best name. For excellent birthday party ideas for kids, it is important to be high on the fun and excitement quotient which … Continued

Party for kids birthday – Planning for a Laser Tag Party?

By planning an action packed role playing game, you can make sure that your guests can’t stop talking about the fun they experienced at the Laser tag party for kids birthday. You have two options i.e. either plan for an indoor arena party for kids birthday or opt for an outdoor laser skirmish. You can … Continued

Skirmish – The Outdoor Laser Tag to simulate Combat Missions

Based on live gaming and generally inspired by the latest video games, laser skirmish is the outdoor equivalent of laser tag. A great way to get out in the sunshine and experience real combat missions with your friends and family and also get some exercise. Laser Skirmish birthday parties definitely promises the best fun ever. … Continued

Laser skirmish Sydney – No projectiles and No Bruises

Compared to paintball, there are no projectiles, paints or bruises associated with Laser skirmish Sydney. However the fun and entertainment quotient reaches a new high with modern vests and accurate laser guns. One of the most exciting non-contact combat simulation game, it is extremely safe, fun and realistic. Laser Skirmish Sydney is ideal for large … Continued

Laser skirmish – A Hybrid Combat Adventure Game

Laser skirmish is a team combat simulation game which is generally played outdoors. It is the outdoor equivalent of Laser tag games which can be played in an area i.e. generally indoors. It provides a real life experience where the players are equipped with laser guns which shoots an invisible and harmless infrared beam. Compared … Continued