Skirmish – Important Safety guidelines for Laser Tag Party

The laser tag party host should discuss and come to an agreement on the important safety guidelines applicable for a laser tag party. It is generally the responsibility of the party host to ensure that the playing area is relatively safe and kept accident free. Laserwarriors provides professionally trained laser skirmish staff – they can identify potential problems and get it rectified.

Players under the age of 18 need to have their guardian’s consent to participate. The playing area should be clearly defined and the skirmish should be away from swimming pools and steep drops. Check weather forecast and avoid heavy downpour and lightning storms.

The playing area should be clean and free from debris, thorny plants and fallen branches. It is generally recommended that players wear a hat and enclosed footwear. A first aid kit should be always available and an emergency evacuation plan worked out. Laser skirmish is a non contact sport which makes it safe and enjoyable.