Is laser tag safe?

There are no projectiles, no mess and no pain or bruising. The beam is actually infrared – as used in TV remotes. So the game is ideal for all ages and genders.

Can we all play at the same time?

Our biggest games have up to 40 players and 4 teams competing Typical games have 14 to 30 players.

How long do the games last?

We can vary the duration of each game, but most people seem to like them to run for about 10 minutes. We then have break so that people can check their scores on the computer, and have a drink.

How is this different from indoor laser tag?

Our game formats are more complex, with separate ammo packs, med-kits and respawn bases. Players say this creates a more realistic, immersive and fun experience with a lot of action – people can’t sit around!

How do we know if we have been hit?

When a player is hit, the sensor vest will flash red. In addition, the phasor will vibrate in your hand, and it will say “Ugh!” to signify the hit. Health will also automatically decrease.

How much life and ammo do I have?

Each phasor has a rear display showing the remaining ammo and health.

How do we know who has won?

At the end of the game, winners have flashing green lights, losers flash red. Team and individual scores are shown on the computer in real time.

What games can we play?

We have 22 different games on the computer.
Our crew knows all the popular games including Team Deathmatch, Juggernaut, Capture the Flag, Domination and Zombie Infection – play one or play all – you choose! Each has the specific game rules programmed into the phasor so no-one can cheat!

How much space do we need?

This depends on how many players and how energetic they are. Typically a basketball-sized field is good, but the game can be played over a much wider radius of up to 300m.

How far can the phasor shoot?

The typical range is 80 meters in daylight. The playing range can be over a larger area – up to 300m radius from the computer.

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