Bunkers and Barricades

Natural cover is great!

  • Boy hiding behind a tree fork at a kids Laser Tag Birthday Party
  • Boy hiding amongst the bushes at a Kids Birthday Party.
  • Boy aiming carefully as he peers out from behind a bush. This was taken at a boys birthday party which featured laser tag

Lots of cover and places to hide makes for an enjoyable laser tag experience. Most local parks have plenty of trees which provide excellent natural cover for ambushes, stealthy play and concealment.

Wonderful parks abound all over Sydney, so bunkers and barricades are often not required for a great party experience.

Improvising with artificial cover

  • Girl with war paint and a pink sweater crouches behind a bale of hay. This is taken at an action birthday party for girls held at a farm in Dural
  • Teen snipes from behind a shed at a Teen Birthday Party.
  • Boys playing laser tag and using cardboard boxes for cover. Taken at a Backyard Kids Birthday Party.

If however you are planning to use an oval or are having a backyard party, then some form of artificial cover or barricade is generally required to assist in tactical play. People have used cardboard boxes, trash cans, haystacks and even draped curtains over rails – and the more you have the better!

At LaserWarriors we love creativity and know that the kids will enjoy all the effort put into establishing a battle field!

An Easier Alternative – We’ll bring some Bunkers

  • Inflatable Bunkers are great cover for Backyard Birthday Party Games of Laser Tag.
  • Two adult males use inflatable bunkers for cover at a University O Week activity
  • A group of young adults at a Team Building Event hide behind an inflatable bunker

But if you are short of time, we do have an easier alternative – our inflatable bunkers and popup barricades! These make it quick and easy for you, as there is nothing for you to do! We arrive an extra 30 minutes before the party playtime begins and work quickly to establish the battle area with some really cool bunkers and barricades. Our bunkers and specifically designed for this purpose. As you can see from the pics – the everyone just loves them!
For those parents concerned about bugs in the bushes, or if you want to add that extra element of fun to an outdoor party, the Bunkers and Barricades package is just the thing to order. We find that the heat of the battle always gravitates to our bunkers, even if there is plenty of natural cover! The colour and sheer fun of skirmishing in a large outdoor environment, with bushes AND bunkers is just too compelling.

We will generally place the bunkers in the open areas of the park, where there is less ground debris. This opens the laser tag game to a larger, more varied playing area, encourages running skirmishes and more strategic thinking about terrain and positioning.

Backyard Bunker Package (5 bunkers) $150
Tennis Court Package (7 bunkers plus hard surface pack) $200
EPIC Bunker Package (12 bunkers plus hard surface pack) $250

Our crew will start setting up 30-45minutes before the session begins.