Wanting to invite the ENTIRE CLASS to the party (but secretly daunted by the  prospect?). Have no more fear! Our crew specialise in marshaling large groups of players (easily 25+), keeping everything going smoothly and under control. Our games are really absorbing, so even the most active kids quickly settle down and become immersed in play.
RN James copyWe have more than 30 experienced and friendly crew including three Nick’s, two Chris’ and two Mike’s!  Our crew are always on hand to assist at our events so that things run really smoothly and efficiently.

We also have a few girls crew members on our team  – please let us know in advance and we will do our best to ensure that they are available.

They all really have fun working with children and will ensure that everyone has a great time at the party. Their job is to take care of all things laser tag so that parents and organisers can relax and enjoy the party.

Setting up your Party

The crew will arrive at least 15 minutes before your party starts to establish the playing area and set up the equipment. Bunker packages take 30 – 35 minutes to set up.
RN Crew in Control
Before setting up, they will need your signed Indemnity Form, as well as any outstanding payment for the session.  Then play can begin!

At the start of the session, our crew will round up the players and explain the use of the equipment. They will suggest games which are age appropriate for the group, and explain all the rules. For example, younger K-2 children are less team aware and may enjoy solo frag games, whilst teenagers will want to play strategy games like King of the Hill, or Capture the flag. Our crew have a selection of Game types to choose from to keep the kids fully engaged for the duration of the party.

The Birthday Child gets special attention to ensure happy memories.

Monitoring the Children at Play

RN Crew Nic aimingAs play starts, our crew will monitor all the action, helping players get to grips with reloading ammunition, getting extra health or capturing a hill. The blasters also have built in communications speakers, which will give players automatic instructions to reload, or move towards a particular base. All the running around on the field has a purpose – and the kids can quickly master each game type and focus on their strategies.

Our crew will keep a vigilant eye out for physical contact and unruly behaviour.  The player will be gently asked to stop the behaviour, and any issues that our crew are unable to resolve will be brought to your attention. If this persists, then the player may be required to sit out a game.

First Aid

Whilst our games are safe to play, boisterous or over-energetic behaviour may lead to trips and falls. You will be required to administer any first aid to the children – however we always have a small first aid kit readily available for you!

Keeping Players Hydrated


Our games all involve a lot of running and activity, so its important to keep the players all well hydrated. Water is best, and our crew will ensure that the children are reminded to have quick drinks between games.

Cakes and Food

Speak to our crew about the best time for a cake or food break. This will depend on the length of the package that you have selected – we find that players generally need a short rest from the action after about an hour.

Packing Up

Our crew will quickly pack up after the session – this typically takes about 15 minutes.

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