Advanced Game Modes

For Experienced Paintball and Skirmish PlayersRN Cadet Brad

We offer Advanced Game Modes to experienced laser tag and paintball players who want the challenge, excitement and adventure of more sophisticated outdoor mission and objective style games. Our games offer the sophistication and exhilaration of outdoor paintball, but with none of the bruising and pain! You can also play our games with loose, comfortable and cool clothing rather than the heavier paintball gear – and you don’t need to wear a hot and bothersome face mask.

  • Whilst these games can be played by younger players, more time is needed for complete detailed instruction about how the game works, deciding which game settings provide appropriate levels of challenge, for the addition of special player classes (so decisions need to be made) and for strategy to be discussed and finalised.
  • These games also work best over larger playing areas, where players on opposing teams are not able to see each other at the start of the game (and players may also be out of sight of guardians or our Crew).
  • Advanced Game Modes typically run for much longer periods than party games, and at least two to three hours should be allocated for enjoyable game play.
  • Experienced players are likely to be rewarded for stealth, cunning, patience and planning. Games can be a lot less physical and more strategic than our typical birthday games.
  • Many of these games are accordingly less appropriate for birthday parties or younger children.

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Creating additional Challenge and Adventure


  • RN Bunker FUNCHAll of our game modes all offer considerable flexibility to handicap certain players (with less ammo, less health, less beam power) or to create special classes of player such as snipers, heavy ammo, munitions officer or medic. Each class can have differing levels of ammunition, health and blaster range.
  • Teams are highly configurable so you can asymmetrical forces opposing each other – in terms of player numbers as well as health points and ammo for each team and player.
  • All Advanced Game Modes are team based, and may last for up to 30 minutes.
    Game setting variations include:

    • “Friendly Fire” – accidental hits from your own team could eliminate your team member too.
    • “Ammo Swap” – different ammo packs need to be used to reload, this prevents camping around the ammo pack.
    • “Medi-kit Swap” – different medi-kits must be used to boost health, this prevents camping as well.
    • “Shield” – protect players for a period of time after receiving a hit (they become invulnerable to another hit)
  • These game modes are generally played with true “ELIMINATION”, which means that a player cannot respawn after being eliminated. This creates a significant consequence for being wounded or hit, and affects player strategy and behaviour.
  • The Central Computer System Antenna has a range of up to 300m – blasters will signal players if they have moved out of range, and players will have only 30 seconds to move back in range and continue playing.

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  • Hostage
  • bomb badge
  • skull badge
  • mountain badge


The Red team is holding the hostage captive, and the Blue team must fight through their defenses to save them. The Red team wins by preventing the Blue team from rescuing the hostage for the duration of the match. The Blue team wins by getting the hostage back to their own base before time runs out!

bomb badge

Disarm the Bomb

Terrorists have a bomb that's going to go off, and it's up to the Commandos to disarm it! The Terrorists are guarding the bomb, and have hidden each number to a 3 digit code that disarms the bomb. Commandos must fight the terrorists, find the code, and disarm the bomb before time runs out!

skull badge

Last Team Standing

Blast it out to the bitter end - this is a very different game to play. Combatants have limited lives, so they can't afford to take the risky chances as in other games, or they will be knocked out of the Game permanently. This is a tough game, with many life lessons. You need to take risks to help you team, but you also need to guard your back to be part of the survivors!

mountain badge

King of the Hill (KOTH)

Your objective is to capture and defend The Hill! Two teams go head to head, fighting to keep control. Get points for your team for each second you are King of the Hill. Don't get fragged, or you'll lose the hill. Even worse, don't let the enemy teams take the hill from you! Need more of a challenge? Put a player or two on a 'defending' team that will try to stop all other players from getting to The Hill. Defeat the defenders and take The Hill!