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  • Happy kids group at a School Fete, all posing for a laser tag photo. Laser Tag is a great Fundraiser and attracts the crowds.
  • Large Jumping Castle at a Community Fair
  • Kids line up to play Laser Tag at a School Fete

The discounted pricing on our School and Community Fete Packages are ideal for Sydney event organisers looking for a fun new activity attractive to all ages – from kindergarten upwards!

Our Small School Fete Package suits smaller events with relatively tight spacing.  Our  crew members manage up to 14 players at a time, with rotations every 15 minutes.

Our Large Community Fete Package is great for larger events and includes extra crew, 24 blasters and our Epic Bunker package, with games running every 12 – 15 minutes.

Great benefits of having LaserWarriors at your Fete or Carnival:

  • Unique Carnival activity, particularly for kids, which will attract more parents to attend your Fete.
  • Our banners, flags and props are colourful and promote the festival atmosphere.
  • Parents stay longer at a school fete if the kids are engaged.
  • Food and beverage sales are boosted – kids get thirsty and hungry after playing an action packed round of laser tag!
  • We can provide marketing videos and social media coverage to help promote awareness of your event.
  • Fun banners are available for erection at the school a week prior to the event to heighten awareness.
  • All our crew are WWCC certified and we have $20m of Public Liability Cover.

We realise that many P&C event organisations have key volunteers juggling a variety of roles, so we try and keep things as simple as possible.

Space, Position and Bump In Requirements

  • Positioning – the main oval to create the buzz  – treed areas also work well!
  • Space – Large Community Fete Package needs about a basketball sized area, whereas the Small School Fete Package can work in less than half that space – particularly for younger kids.
  • Game Pricing – if you are charging for the activity – we generally advise $5 per player per game.
  • Ticketing – Two volunteers are needed to collect cash and issue tickets, with a third volunteer needed to manage the queue (we divide kids into K-2 and Older groups so that the younger kids can play safely).
  • All cash and collections is collected and handled by your volunteers, not us – presold wrist bands are even better!
  • Access and Parking – We arrive 1 hour before the your fete or festival start time, and need about 15min of vehicle access to drop off equipment. Parking at or close to the venue is also required.
  • Electricity – whilst not essential, it would be ideal if electricity was available for set up and take down.


Fete Duration Small Fete Package

(14 Players)

Large Fete Package

(20 Players)

3 hr $900 $1200
4 hr $1050 $1450
5 hr $1200 $1700
6 hr $1350 $1950

*    Prices exclude GST and public holiday events.

*   Travel charges apply to venues more than 30 km/1hr travel from our base in Turramurra.

Still not sure if our laser tag is the best idea for your event?

Read our client reviews and see what people say about Laserwarriors Laser Tag Games at Carnivals, Fetes and Fairs in Sydney!

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