The Dark adds another dimension of excitement and fun.

NightStalkers Add-on

$100 extra

Our NIGHTSTALKERS add-on is ideal for slumber Green and Red lasers behind a kid at a Youth Groupparties, sleepovers, backyard campouts, team building and youth groups!

This add-on includes some special equipment:

  • Dark Player Identification.
  • LED markers for the ammo packs, med kits and team flags
  • Portable lights

For extra fun for an evening or night party, you cannot go wrong wth the NightStalkers add-on!

NOTE – Players must be at least 9 years old to participate.

The playing area must be clear of bushes and low lying branches so that players can use the area safely. Whilst we always apply common sense when running our games, Laserwarriors does not take responsibility for ensuring that the area is safe for play.