Laserwarriors uses the best commercial laser tag equipment available.

Find out more about our Laser Blaster, Sensor Vest, Bases & Packs, and our overall Player Feedback System on this page.

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Player Feedback System

Our outdoor mobile laser tag system has an Advanced Experiential Player Feedback System to give players critical game information about their status. These use a variety of intuitive feedback mechanisms, including audible (using the blaster’s in-built speaker), visual (using lights located on the blaster and the sensor vest, displaying information on the HUD) and kinetic (the blaster is able to vibrate) feedback.

These player feedback mechanisms are important for our fast moving games, where players often are keen to start their games as quickly as possible with minimal instruction. They help players to quickly get up to speed with how the game is played by experiential learning and feedback. Our crew are also always on hand to help players where necessary and give guidance.

Key Player Feedback Signals

  • To start the game, players may be widely dispersed and not even in sight of each other. To ensure every player is aware that the game will start, the CCC broadcasts the Game Countdown to each players in-built blaster speaker and a countdown timer is shown on the HUD. The blaster says “GO” when countdown has finished and the game has started.
  • The CCC broadcasts “GAME OVER” to each blaster, the HUD displays a “O” (for Over) sign and the winner, or winning team has a green LED light (everyone else has a red flashing LED light)
  • When a player is hit, the blaster makes a “UGH” wounded sound, it vibrates in the players hand, the blaster LED flashes red and sensor vest lights all flash red. This all combines to give the player and everyone else the signal that a hit has been recorded, and the Central Command Computer Score is updated.
  • Blaster makes “PEW PEW” noise when firing successfully with sufficient ammo.
  • Blaster makes a distinctive “BUH BUH” sound when out of ammo and says “SCAN AMMO PACK”.
  • Blaster says SCAN MED-KIT when down to last health point.
  • Blaster says SCAN TBASE ONE or SCAN TBASE TWO when player is eliminated and must respawn.

The Blaster

laser tag blaster gun
The LaserWarriors Blaster – it is lightweight (450g), easy to use and anyone can operate it single-handedly. It carries spare ammo clips, tracks your health and even has a built-in speaker to communicate with you! And it’s deadly accurate, with a range of up to 100 metres.
  • Lightweight ABS shell weighing just 450grammes (vs 2-4 kg for metal shells, often with hard sharp edges)
  • Safe and Easy to Use, with vibration feedback, rear display for ammo and health and built in-speaker
  • Each player gets a full sensor vest with front, rear and side sensors (not sweaty headbands) – players aim for the body and not the head.
  • Cool Killstreak Rewards such as Rapid Fire, Airstrikes and Nukes!
  • Ammo, Health and Respawn Bases – skill and dexterity are developed as you play!
  • Electronic Capture the Flag and Multiple Domination Bases are standard equipment for all our sessions.
  • Computerised scoring for EVERYTHING ensures clean games and no arguing or cheating.
  • Our computer tracks the Flag Holder, Hill Dominator and keeps score all in real time!


Mobile Laser Tag Blaster Fact Sheet

  • Description: Awesome lightweight combat pistol
  • Operation: Single handed or double grip operation
  • Weight: 450 grams
  • Blasting Range: 50-120m depending on ambient light
  • Accuracy:  100 meters
  • Radio Contact Range: Up to 300m from the Central Command Computer (the CCC)
  • Typical Munition Loading: 3 clips of 9 bullets each giving a total of 27 Ammo (setting variable by Crew)
  • Extra Features:
    • Display HUD at rear, switchable for Ammo, Health and Objectives
    • RFID Pack and Base Scanner
    • Built in speaker for with Player Feedback
    • Green / red / orange LED signals for hits, pack scanning, winners etc
    • Safety lanyard, attachable to sensor vest
  • Power Source: 4 AA batteries in the handle

Our mobile laser tag system has an Advanced Player Feedback System, which uses a wide variety of intuitive auditory, visual and tactile feedback mechanisms to give players critical game information about their status.

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The Sensor Vest

laser tag vest how to wear

Laser Tag Sensor Vest Factsheet

  • Description: Lightweight, water resistant outdoor laser tag sensor vest, ideal for outdoor parties
  • Sensors: 4 infra red sensors ( front, back, left shoulder, right shoulder) for 360 degree coverage
  • Lights: 4 red light emitting diodes to signal hits and eliminations
  • Colour: Battle grey with cool orange piping
  • Team ID: 3 Team Identification Strips in team colours (red or blue)
  • Attachments: LaserBlaster safety lanyard
  • Size: Fully adjustable for boys and girls as young as age 6 – thru to teens and most adults.
  • Harness: Arm loops with single point chest harness.

Bases – Ammo, Medikits and Flags

Ammo Pack Factsheetammo-boxes alpha

  • Description: Grey with 2 or 4 moulded bullets, with orange scanning surface.
  • Uses: Reloading for extra clips of ammunition.
  • Advanced Modes: Ammo Swap forces players to switch between ammo packs each time, preventing camping.
  • Limits: Cannot be scanned if you have been eliminated – the Blaster will simply “BERP” at you.
  • In-Game instruction:
    • Blaster will instruct “SCAN AMMO PACK” when your are low on ammo.
    • Correct scans will elicit a “BOING” and an “OK” with a green flashing signal LED on the blaster.
    • Unsuccessful scans will elicit a “BERP” noise.


Medipack Factsheetmed-boxes

  • Description: Red with white cross, round or square moulded, with white scanning surface.
  • Uses: Boosting player to full health, but only BEFORE elimination.
  • Advanced Modes: Medipack Swap forces players to switch between medipacks each to prevent camping.
  • Limits: Cannot be used by players to respawn – otherwise the Blaster will simply “BERP” at you. In Zombies, survivors must scan a medipack within 20s of being shot by a zombie, or zombify!
  • In-Game instruction:
    • Blaster will instruct “SCAN MEDIKIT” when the player is down to the last health point.


Team Base FactsheetT-Bases (RED & BLUE only)

  • Description: Red (Team 1) or Blue (Team 2) square moulded, with grey scanning surface.
  • Uses: Used for respawning after an elimination.
    • In Martian Wolf and Zombie games – used to “Bank” points but can’t be used twice in a row.
    • In Capture the Flag : Home base where the enemies “captured” flag is scanned for final capture.
    • In Disarm the Bomb : Red is digit 1, Blue is digit 2
  • Limits: Cannot be used to boost health or to reload ammo
  • In-Game instruction:
    • Blaster will instruct “SCAN TEAM BASE ONE” or “SCAN TEAM BASE TWO” for eliminated players.
    • Correct scans will elicit a “BOING” & the respawn countdown on the HUD, followed “BACK IN GAME”.
    • The respawned player will have full health and ammo.

Our Mobile Computerised Scoreboard


  • LaserWarriors crew are equipped with a mobile laser tag scoreboard called the Central Command Computer CCC.
  • Each player is assigned a specific code name which is links their LaserBlaster to the CCC.
  • Each shot by every player is recorded by the CCC, which also monitors the particular rules of that game mode.
  • The scores can be seen in real-time on the CCC, so players and parents can easily see how the game is progressing.
  • Game scores, with detailed player stats (who hit whom etc) are displayed on the CCC at the end of each game so players can compare results.
  • Winners or Winning Teams have a Green LED flashing on their blasters at the end of the game (others have a Red LED flashing) so they don’t even have to come to the CCC to know the result.
  • Since the laser tag scoreboard is fully computerised, there are no disputes about who is the winner!

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