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Laser tag is a great activity for your team building or corporate event. We do events for sports teams, small businesses, event companies and large corporates. Because our activity crosses over all different age groups, its a great idea for Christmas Parties, End of Year and EOFY functions and Family Days.

  • Group of Corporate Executives posing at an Outdoor Laser Tag Team Building Event
  • Two Guys hiding behind a wall at an Outdoor Corporate Teambuilding Event
  • Woman posing at a Company Team Bonding Event in Sydney. They are holding Laserwarriors Laser Tag Phasers.

Our laser tag games are such a great team building activity – everyone enjoys playing, as there is no rough play or bruising – an especially important point to get girls and women to agree to participate. But there is a good dose of tension, teamwork, tactics and fun involved, so the whole team will get something positive out of the experience. We find that the participation rate is very high, as the rules are easy to understand and the games are just sheer fun to play.

Small companies and large corporates have used us for functions and corporate events. Our largest corporate event has been at Olympic Park, with 800 adults celebrating Christmas and all having great fun with a laser show and disco running.

  • Two adults teaming up for an assault at a Team Building Exercise
  • Woman giving thumbs up whilst hiding behind a bunker wall at a Corporate Social & Team Bonding Event.
  • The Blue Team defends the Flag at a Company Team Building Exercise.

We work with events companies on team building as well – one of the largest this year was with 200 participants, as part of an all day challenge.

Our corporate clients include CommInsure, Pfizer, Harley-Davidson Australia, Optima, Macquarie Bank, Bunnings Warehouse, Servian, The Young Presidents Organisation Australia/NZ  and Gresham Partners.

And we also do much smaller, team focussed fun days – for groups as small as 8 or 10! Lots of companies use us to kick off a strategy session, getting the group relaxed and working together before heading indoors. Others use us to wind down after a long day working at the budget.

Some just hire us for some office fun for the Social Club, EOFY or a dress down day!

Whatever your requirement or budget, we are sure that we can find a package that will suit your needs – just call us to discuss.

We also have special Family Day packages to provide entertainment for kids, teenagers and young adults – this works well for events with a broad cross section of ages and preferences.

Warlords Corporate  Packages Blasters Crew 1 hr 2 hr 3 hr 4 hr 5 hr
Inc Bunkers, Blasters & Crew 10 1 $600 $950 $1,100 $1,250 $1,400
20 2 $900 $1,450 $1,800 $2,100 $2,400
30 2 $1,200 $1,950 $2,500 $3,000 $3,500
 * all prices ex GST and travel 40 2 $1,500 $2,450 $3,200 $3,800 $4,400

All prices Ex GST and Travel  – $100 extra per crew member in themed costumes, to cover costume hire.

Laser tag games are ideal for team building where you want a bit of strategy and thought involved (along with all the fun!). Typically we would play a goal oriented game like Capture the Flag, which requires a bit of planning and good teamwork to win. This is also great fun for Xmas and End of Year functions, where a bit of fun and competition can set the mood perfectly.

For a family day where adults and kids simply walk up to play and you want to maximise the throughput, we use the Max game such Team Deathmatch, which takes 10-12minutes per session. It’s quick and easy to explain and would be the choice game in these situations.

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