There are so many awesome party ideas for younger kids, but as children mature there are far fewer alternatives for tweenies and teenage parties. Movies, computers, Ipads, Wii’s and Playstations all keep the children engaged, but we prefer activities that exercise their muscles and engage their brains!

It can quite daunting to have 15 children over for party (particularly when they just got dropped off!)- keeping them all fed and engaged for 2-3 hours can be absolutely exhausting for parents. All we want is to get them outside the house!

Both my sons loved playing laser tag at the bowling centres and the various indoor venues in Sydney. As a parent, I personally found the indoor laser tag centres to be too noisy, and the boys never really got to run around much either. They quickly tired of the monotonous individually focussed games. Whilst stalking around in a dark room is always fun, they did not find the games particularly challenging to play. We would inevitably find them clustered in the video game arcade after playing just a game or two of skirmish, all hyped up from the sugar and ready to take all their pent up energy back home!

This is why we got really excited about starting LaserWarriors. Outdoor laser tag recreates all the awesome aspects of outdoor paintball, but in a safe and exciting format geared for young children. Our game formats are specifically designed to make the players think, move and communicate. Thats why we have team missions, limit the ammo and make the players go to their team bases to respawn – this is not some mindless indoor-style shooting match! Med kits and mission objectives like Capture the Flag or King of the Hill add variety and challenge to the game.

We constantly advance the game as our boys have become teenagers and we have become involved in their school cadet program. Asymmetrical games like Disarm the Bomb and VIP have different team sizes and mission objectives. Player handicapping and team specialists like snipers, munitions and medics all create added complexity to challenge older players. A wide variety of terrain can be encompassed over the huge 300m game radius, and starting positions can be completely hidden.

Having the children outdoors, in the fresh air running around and having great fun playing laser tag really is the ideal party. Its different, all the kids enjoy it and we know that they will go to bed happy. They grow up so fast, so its important that you relax and just enjoy the moment. Our crew are dedicated to your event, and will ensure that you have a relaxing time to enjoy it!

Truly the most rewarding thing about this business is the joyful and happy face of each child we get to see every weekend.

Dean and Linda