Laser tag Chatswood – Beautiful Tips and Tricks of the game

Laser tag Chatswood is an excellent fun game to play with friends, family and colleagues which is quite easy to learn and play. To enhance the gaming experience with laser tag Chatswood one can learn the following tips and tricks of the game.

  • Wear dark clothes because the UV lights would make light colours glow.
  • One needs to pay close attention to the players briefing to understand the scoring system.
  • Start with a protected area and be on the defensive as it takes little time to get adjusted to the low light in the arena.
  • Get a good spot or bunker to hide and strike.
  • Try to score high by targeting higher scoring zones on the laser tag vest.
  • It’s better to crouch low and keep your back to the wall so that you don’t expose yourself to your enemies.
  • Teamwork is extremely crucial as you need cover fire whilst you advance ahead.