Laser skirmish – A Hybrid Combat Adventure Game

Laser skirmish is a team combat simulation game which is generally played outdoors. It is the outdoor equivalent of Laser tag games which can be played in an area i.e. generally indoors. It provides a real life experience where the players are equipped with laser guns which shoots an invisible and harmless infrared beam.
Compared to paintball, there are no nasty bruises in case of laser skirmish. Not only does it involve action packed combat missions but also provides a great opportunity to sharpen your strategizing skills, communication and teamwork capabilities.
A great outdoor setting along with weapons which are realistic in shape and weight adds to the experience of laser skirmish. Every player has sensors on their body vest which can detect the infra red beam from the enemies’ laser guns. Hi-tech scoring technology ensures real time scoring. The laser guns are quite accurate even at a long range. Laser skirmish is a great team building activity.