How To Plan A Party For Kids Birthday Without Parents Feeling Left Out?

Are you planning a surprise party for your kid’s 7th birthday? If you decide to hold this big day at your home’s backyard, I’m sure one of the concerns is making parents feel comfortable and not left out all throughout the birthday celebration. Remember, hosting a party for kids’ birthday with parents tagging along can be truly overwhelming. Why? Well, you need to take into account the food as well as entertainment. A birthday gathering for younger children with parents can create some feeling of awkwardness, so it’s your job as a party host to make everyone feel welcomed. How to do that? Here’s what you can do during the planning and preparation.

  • Set aside a spot for adults guests

Since you will be holding a backyard party for your kid’s birthday, make room for adult guests like parents and guardians chaperoning their children. Of course, the spot where the adults could sit and mingle with other grownups should be at least at a closer distance. Why? This will give them peace of mind that they are just within reach when their kids needed them. Besides, providing some space where the adults will not feel left out is something they would really appreciate.

  • Include adult food in your kids birthday menu

Yes, definitely a must if an adult will be accompanying your kid’s invited friends and classmates include them in the meal planning. When hosting a party for kids birthday the menu mostly consists of finger foods, cake, sweetened beverages and ice cream. However, if adults are also included in the party guest list include meals that both kids and adults will enjoy such as baked mac ‘n’ cheese, pizza, burgers and sandwiches.

  • Pick party games that both children and adults can join

A party for kids birthday celebrations won’t be complete without a number of party games. It’s best as party host that you carefully pick the games applicable to both adults and children. How about choosing an outdoor laser tag party as your kid’s birthday theme? Well, laser tags are becoming popular because they can be easily set-up at any preferred location, either indoor or outdoor. If you have a huge backyard this place can be transformed into a mobile laser tag where all guest could join and have an enjoyable experience.

  • Serve some booze

Adults would appreciate much if you suffice their thirst with chilled beers, wine or alcoholic drinks, but, keep the servings at a minimum. Why? I’m sure you don’t want a parent or adult chaperone to be drunk while the party is ongoing. However, if you want to stay on the safe side and prevent any incident of an adult drinking too much booze, better serve other beverages that adults would like such as tea, fruits juices, coffee and sparkling water.

The above are just ideas while planning a party for kids birthday. In the event you wish to try the latest outdoor laser tag party theme, go and check LaserWarriors Mobile Laser Tag official website and discover the different packages within your budget.


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