Skirmish – The Outdoor Laser Tag to simulate Combat Missions

Based on live gaming and generally inspired by the latest video games, laser skirmish is the outdoor equivalent of laser tag. A great way to get out in the sunshine and experience real combat missions with your friends and family and also get some exercise.
Laser Skirmish birthday parties definitely promises the best fun ever. Catering to a wide range of age groups, the recommended minimum playing age for laser skirmish is 10 years, however younger children can play if accompanied by an adult and supervised. There is no prior experience or skill required to play laser skirmish.
Every session length varies and the length of each game and breaks can be changed depending on the number of players in the group and the field conditions. The dress code includes fully enclosed footwear and long pants which can cover the ankles. There are sensors attached to the combat uniform which can detect the infrared beam from the laser gun.