Laser skirmish Sydney – No projectiles and No Bruises

Compared to paintball, there are no projectiles, paints or bruises associated with Laser skirmish Sydney. However the fun and entertainment quotient reaches a new high with modern vests and accurate laser guns. One of the most exciting non-contact combat simulation game, it is extremely safe, fun and realistic.
Laser Skirmish Sydney is ideal for large and small groups, birthday parties, Corporate team building events, Fetes and special events. The combat missions are generally planned in a great outdoor setting. With the latest technology laser skirmish Sydney involves guns with great accuracy, long range and excellent sound and light effects.
Irrespective of the type of event, there are great range of options available with Laser skirmish Sydney. Despite the name, laser skirmish Sydney doesn’t involve actual lasers. Rather, the guns emit harmless infra red beam, the same used in many TV remote controls. A safety briefing by experts before the game, makes laser skirmish completely safe and injury free.