5 Boys Birthday Party Places Revealed

Boys Birthday Party


If your boy’s birthday is still months away this is a perfect time to jumpstart the planning and preparations. Why? Work, family duties and other social responsibilities may already keep your schedule busy and planning ahead of time give you more room to find the perfect party place. Hosting a traditional birthday party at home can be already boring, especially if you have an active child that is open for adventure. If you want the latest boys birthday party places check these top 5 places.

1. Laser tag venues

Boys, in general, would definitely jump for excitement when they find out you are blowing a laser tag Sydney themed birthday party. Why? Apart from being a popular venue of a hangout for boys celebrating special occasions such as birthdays or get together during school breaks, going at a laser tag venue would give them the opportunity to relax, explore different laser tag missions and get the thrill of their lives. Besides, a laser tag venue offers various packages including mobile laser tag that parents can host for their boys birthday party.

2. Escape rooms

One of the most popular boys’ birthday party places is the escape room. Similar to laser tag venues the escape rooms offer various themes that boys of any age can choose based on their interests as well as invited guests. Escape rooms offer a new ambiance for celebrants which is quite unique than the usual celebrated birthday hosted at home or local restaurant.

3. Movie theaters

As boys outgrew hosting birthdays at home with the usual birthday cake, balloons, party games and giving out of party loot bags the movie theaters seem to be the next popular venue to celebrate boys’ birthday party. Why? Nowadays, movie theaters offer birthday packages wherein children can bring along a number of guests, pick the movie they want and even blow a birthday cake. In fact, other movies theatres allow children to play games prior to the screening of a chosen movie.

4. Zoos

Another ideal venue to host and celebrate your little boy’s upcoming birthdays is the local zoo. Why? The zoo will give the boys the chance to see different animals at a closer range and learn more how these species behave.

5. Bowling venues

Active boys want to try all kinds of sports. If your child hasn’t tried bowling why not choose a bowling venue as the next birthday party place to celebrate his upcoming birthday and have fun with their friends. If unsure whether a local bowing facility in your area accepts boys birthday party bookings or not, given them a quick call now and inquire.

In case you chose a laser tag themed boys birthday party in Sydney contact the laser tag Sydney representative of LaserWarriors Mobile Laser Tag and find out the various mobile laser tag missions suitable for both indoor and outdoor party venues.

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