What To Wear When Attending A Laser Tag In The Park?

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Have you been invited to attend a laser tag in the park? Whether this event is for a friend’s adult birthday blowout or part of your company’s teambuilding campaign a laser tag can be truly enjoyable. If this is your first time to try laser tag, here are useful tips on clothes to wear. Coming to a laser tag event wearing the proper outfit will not only allow you to play comfortably but, definitely give you a better chance of winning.

Tip #1 – Wear the right colours

The perfect shade of clothing recommended when attending a laser tag in the park is darker coloured. Why not lighter coloured clothes? Wearing lighter coloured would make you an easy target among your opponents. So, better go and choose a darker colour outfit to ensure you aren’t completely noticeable during the entire gameplay of any themed laser tag event.

Tip #2 – Comfy shoe is an advantage

The shoes worn at a laser tag in the park is crucial for both men and women including children. The big no on the type of shoes is opened toe such as sandals for women, slip-on including high heeled shoes. If possible wear your favourite sneakers or workout shoes. However, if you have hiking boots, then, go ahead wear them as long as they are in darker shades. These types of shoes will give you added protection as you move around on grasses and shrubs planted around the park.

Tip #3 – Layering on clothes is advisable

A laser tag in the park can expose you to wind and chills, especially during colder months or when the laser tag event is held early in the morning or late in the afternoon. The best clothing strategy to keep you warm during the laser tag game hosted by the laser skirmish Sydney is resort to layering on clothes. When layering chooses a thin layered shirt or tank top, then, pair it off with a fitted sweater. Why? This layered laser tag outfit will give you the right amount of insulation while playing an outdoor laser tag event.

Tip #4 – Camouflage outfit is the best defense

Yes, one of the gaming tactics that you as a newbie player of a laser tag in the park could try to prevent your opponents from detecting you sooner is by wearing a camouflage outfit. If you decide to invest in one look for a natural coloured or with the patterned design because this outfit will surely blend with the environment that a local park has to offer.

Are you ready for the upcoming laser tag in the park? If yes, fully gear yourself with the appropriate clothes, shoes and mindset of a defensive game player and give it your best shot. You may also visit the official website of LaserWarriors Mobile Laser Tag, a laser skirmish Sydney provider with an impressive reputation for providing companies, individuals and other clubs exhilarating laser tag events. Now is your chance to know the mechanics of an outdoor laser tag event.

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