What Strategies Should Kids Adopt for Shooting to Win at a Laser Tag Party for a Kid’s Birthday?

If you’re playing laser tag indoors, it’s best to enter the playing arena as soon as possible. This is because the quicker you enter the arena, the faster your eyes will adjust to the low light environment in the arena. Thereafter, it is important to get the lay of the land. When you’re just starting the game, ensure that you find yourself a covered or protected space. In addition, avoid clustering around other gamers if possible.

As mentioned earlier, some laser tag venues offer more points for hitting others than they deduct in case other gamers hit you. In this scenario, formulating an offensive strategy is best. If you feel the chances of hitting multiple gamers is on offer, you should take the risk of letting other gamers hit you. However, it’s best to find a good spot to fire from. The spot should offer sufficient protection to you from other gamers, while enabling you to keep a watch over other gamers. The ideal position will cover your back. But, it will give you a view over a major portion of the arena.

Many laser uniforms come with lights. This can be a dead giveaway. So, if you spot these lights coming towards you, take aim and start shooting without hesitation. This will help you take the other gamer by surprise. Different laser tag facilities will use gaming outfits with different kill zones. The kill zones could vary from one gaming facility to another. But, most laser tag outfits will have the gun, the waist, the chest and the earpiece as the kill zones. Try to make sweeping motions across the chest area of other games as you fire repeatedly. This will heighten your prospects of triggering one of the numerous chest sensors on their outfits.

Some players prefer taking the time to aim perfectly before shooting. This might not always be a viable strategy. In some cases, it might be better to fire rapidly in the general direction of the sensors of another gamer instead of aiming perfectly. Similarly, try to hold and shoot the laser gun as people shoot machine guns in movies. This will involve turning sideways and aiming in that direction. By doing so, you will have your face turned to your left or right shoulder. This will help in giving you a better aim. At the same time, it will make it harder for other gamers to hit you.

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