What is Laser Tag?

Laser tag is a popular gaming activity, enjoyed by parents and children alike. Kids typically play laser tag in the arcaded commercial centres that dot Sydney and other Australian cities. The game involves tagging opponents by using laser beams. Therefore, the more a player tags opponents, the greater the points earned by the player. Players use handheld infrared devices for emitting these laser beams. In addition, players also need to wear special jackets, equipped with infrared target readers. These readers maintain the tagging score of the wearer. Typically, players with the lowest number of tags win the game. Occasionally though, other parameters such as the rate of fire, amounts of lives etc. could also come into play, when determining the winner.

Laser tag is a game that is equally appropriate indoors and outdoors. However, many kids prefer playing indoors as it heightens the excitement factor. Playing in dark rooms with lights of different colours enhances the thrill factor of the game. In addition, innovations like artificial fog, space or military themes etc. also add to the complexity and the fun of playing this game indoors. In a commercial gaming arcade, it wouldn’t be uncommon to find boxes, podiums and other raised platforms in the gaming arena. This enables the players to hide, as well as to surprise their opponents.

Laser tag is a fun activity for individuals as well teams. It also possesses a wide range of variations such as “Protect the President” or “Capture the Flag”. These variations instruct players to achieve a given objective. At the same time, they keep the players on their toes towards ensuring that the opponents do not achieve their goals first. These challenges enhance the excitement as well as the competitive spirit of the game.