What Defence Strategies Should Kids Consider Using at a Laser Tag Party?

Whether you play it with a few friends or at a party, laser tag makes for a great game. For beginners, the best aspect of this game lies in the fact that it is easy to learn. But, if you want to dominate this game, you will need regular practice. In addition, you’ll need to churn your brain frequently to fine tune your strategy. When you prepare for a game of laser tag, see if you can find a map of the arena. If you can, try to memorise it or become as familiar with it as you can. Running around the arena in low light will not be easy. So, if you can recall the layout of the arena in your mind, you will be able to (quite literally) think on your feet.

As mentioned earlier, indoor laser tag will usually take place in a low light environment. This is why it’s best to wear dark coloured clothes. Ensure that your clothes do not have any bright logos or designs that will stand out in the darkness. Laser tag requires concealment, which dark coloured clothes will make easier. It is worth mentioning that each laser tag facility uses different equipment. In addition, each facility will typically operate under different conditions. Naturally, they might calculate scoring in a different manner as well. Try to ascertain the scoring method the facility uses. If you find that you get more points for hitting another player than you lose for a gamer hitting you, you should try to formulate an offensive strategy instead of a defensive one.

Ensure that the gun feels comfortable in your hand. Check the laser for drift. Enter the arena as soon as you can to adjust to the low light conditions as quickly as possible. Find a spot that offers a good vantage point. But, be mindful that you cannot stick to the same spot for too long. Ideally, you should not stay for more than 30 seconds in the same spot. If the arena features elevated spots, try to capitalise on these. If you hold the higher spot, you can not only take the time to get your breath back. You can shoot down some unsuspecting participants as well.

Walking sideways usually offers the greatest protection in laser tag. To remain safe, avoid standing still – especially in the same spot. Standing in one place will make you a sitting duck for the other gamers. Winning a game of laser tag often involves hitting others more often than they can hit you. To ensure that another gamer does not hit you, you will need to dodge, duck and turn. If you find that you cannot duck when a gamer is aiming at you, try to turn sideways. This will reduce the chances of the other gamer hitting your sensors, because you will not be facing the other game full on.

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