What Costumes Work For a Laser Tag Party?

boys birthday party

You can make a laser tag party a little more fun by adding some exciting and unique costumes into the mix. Costumes are especially popular among kids who want to dress up for a laser tag game. The costume options that can be utilized for such a party are diverse and fun to play along with. These ideas are perfect for kids birthday events.


Cowboys and Indians

Cowboys and Indians has been one of the more traditional games that kids have been playing for generations. A laser tag party can include a Cowboys and Indians theme where one side is dress up in old western gear while the other has native outfits.



Superheroes are great characters for how they have some outstanding powers. A party for kids birthday can include kids dressed up as their favourite heroes. These might include various popular DC and Marvel heroes. You could also get basic outfits ready with masks, capes and other fun features to make kids feel like they are their own superheroes.



A zombie fight is a fun option to look into for a laser tag party. This would entail one team dressed as zombies while the other is dressed as zombie hunters. This could add a thrilling dynamic to any party.


Star Wars

It would be an understatement to say that the Star Wars series has become popular with kids over the years. A party for kids birthday could feature a fun Star Wars theme where kids are dressed as their favorite characters from the series. You could have Luke, Han, Leia and Rey on one side while Darth Vader, Darth Sidious and Kylo Ren are on the other.

All of these ideas for laser tag are fun for kids to play along with. See what Laser Warriors has to offer when you are looking for a fun way to play a great game for a special party.


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