What can I do for my kid’s 10th birthday party?

Planning a birthday party for a ten year old can be tricky.

For both boys and girls, it’s the age where themed parties, play centres and party games just aren’t cool anymore.

But how do you entertain a group of ten year olds while still making it fun and cool?

1. Choose Outdoor Laser Tag

The fun, competitive nature of laser tag as well as the outdoor element is perfect for this age group. Kids love strategising together to help their team win.

Unlike indoor laser tag centres, you don’t need to worry about the kids being in dark spaces, often shared by other party groups where you can’t keep an eye on what’s going on.

Our staff are able to tailor the games and duration to any age so you know the kids wont be bored while LaserWarriors are there!

NightStalker Add-on for extra fun

2. Add the Nightstalkers package

For extra fun for a evening or night party, you cannot go wrong with the NighStalkers add-on! Ideal for evening parties, slumber parties and backyard campouts.

This add-on includes special equipment:

  • Discrete Glow-In-The Dark Player Identification.
  • LED markers for the ammo packs, med kits and team flags.
  • Smoke machine (for use on still nights) – great atmosphere for our Spotlight & Zombies games!

This age group really love our exclusive NIGHTSTALKER game – SPOTLIGHT!

3. Keep the food and decorations low-key

At this age group you don’t need to go over the top with themed decorations or fancy foods or dessert tables. Kids just love being together, sharing a few pizzas and some drinks.

At this age, kids love being together digging into simple food.

4. “Power” drinks

Gone are the days when the kids loved nothing more than a “Pop Top Juice”.

At this age group, it’s more fun to have a “power” drink station. Have a drink dispenser with a bright coloured concoction of juice with a dash of colour to give the kids the idea they are chugging down an energy drink – they will love it! Label the drink station something fun like “Power Up”, “Energy Juice” or “Refuel Station”.

5. Ditch the goodie bags
At this age, you don’t need to worry about goodie bags. But if you still want to give something at the end of the party, think of something small that ties into the party, maybe a mini nerf gun, fun keyring, or a novelty cup like these fun Kmart ones! The kids can use the cups at the drink station and take them home at the end of the party.

6. Fun Cake Idea
Have you heard of a Smash Cake? They are the new craze and kids of this age will LOVE it.

It’s a hollow chocolate mould with lollies inside, like a chocolate pinata! The birthday boy or girl gets to smash it apart and all the guests enjoy the treats inside as well as the pieces of chocolate which have been smashed.

Check out www.SmashCake.com.au

Check out www.SmashCake.com.au, local Sydney cake maker who specialises in amazing smash cakes with lots of designs.

We hope these tips are helpful and have given you some ideas for your 10year old’s birthday party. Our LaserWarriors staff are young and fun and let you relax while the kids are entertained.

Give us a call today to organise your tween party!

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