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You are most welcome to our website. We are really excited to see you. Laser warriors is a reliable laser tag company that comes to you- we will treasure every opportunity to serve you. No matter your kid’s preferences and needs, you will see a suitable laser tag game for them.

Laser tag game is something almost everyone loves to play; you can play it either as an indoor or outdoor game. All you need is to master the rule of the game. It has lots of fun, highly affordable, and easy to arrange.

Do you want to organise an amazing birthday party idea for adults, teens, girls and boys? Then, kindly contact us right away; we will surely assist you in the most efficient way. This game is safe, entertaining and it is available in certain kid’s playgrounds in Sydney.

Laser tag game is one that gives you peace of mind, and brings awesome fun to you.  You can play laser tag in the park. Organizing a laser tag party is one of those things that excite kids. Some of our laser tag birthday party packages are available at $300.

Why laser tag game is awesome for kids.

Surely, laser tag game is great for teenagers and kids that have so many energy to burn. Kids would have enough space to play the game if they are outdoor; that is in the backyard or in the park.

Our well-trained crew can teach you and your kids how to play the game successfully. Laser tag game remains a great party idea for sleepovers, campouts, bar mitzvahs and even for birthdays. You will get great value of the money you are paying.

It is another great opportunity to build highly dedicated team for your network, and a fantastic way of getting carrying everyone in your network along. Our professional team (Top Gun, superheroes, and Star wars) are ever ready to help you in adding more flavour to the game.

Laser tag game is more preferable than paintball, which normally goes with pain. In this game, you won’t experience any hurt, projectiles or bruises. It is a deeply computerised game, so no one will feel cheated. You can play laser tag game in Sydney’s parks, so it is not just an indoor skirmish.

Are you organizing boys birthday party soon or are you searching for birthday party ideas for your kids? You can simply make it memorable by organizing a laser tag party- let them invite their kids and you would be happy to learn that it was really an awesome event.

This game is completely safe- so there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Feel free to contact us from 7am till 7pm. The fire that comes out is actually infrared just like the ones you see in television remotes, which is totally harmless. It is ideal for all genders and ages.

How long the game lasts depends on the people playing. Players can decide to allow the game run for 10-20 minutes, then take a small break and check their scores on the computer screen take some drink or chat and then continue the game again.

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