Top Teen Birthday Party Ideas In Australia


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Every child’s birthday is an important occasion. Whether the birthday celebration is for his or her first or seventh birthday this adds to a storybook that he or she can reminisce. In fact, even when the child reaches the teenage stage celebrating it is a must.

What differs is how the birthday party will be held or where it will take place. Since your teenage child has already outgrown the usual birthday arrangements where balloons and hiring of clown or magician take the limelight, a teenage child’s birthday party is a bit unique, mostly invites coming to their closest friends.

If you really want your teen’s son or daughter to be the talk of their friends after the big day, perhaps the following teen birthday party ideas will give you a clearer picture on what teens prefer to do during their birthdays.

  • Virtual reality gaming

This is one of the popular teen birthday party ideas that parents could give to their teens’ celebrating their birthdays  soon the VR gaming themed party. You may book in advance with your nearest VR centre for a special birthday package. What can the VR gaming offer? Well, your teens can choose the games they want ranging from outer space to nerve-wracking horror games.


  • Escape rooms

Among the latest games birthday party suggestions that your teenage son or daughter would definitely love to have during his or her birthday is the Escape Rooms. How do these escape rooms work? Many amusement facilities have Escape Rooms wherein each room is designed to bring the imaginative minds of your teens into a real-life experience on what it feels like being trapped in a room and how to get out. The Escape Rooms will give your teen and the invited guests the chance to work as a team, solve the puzzles and deal with the challenges. A typical escape room package will last one hour with varying obstacles and theme.

  • Laser tag

One of the most sought teen birthday party ideas nowadays is a laser tag party. Why? A laser tag party can be done both indoor and outdoor. In fact, you can bring it right at your own backyard as long as there is enough space where the players can move around freely and complete the chosen game mission. If you live within Chatswood the laser tag Chatswood team of LaserWarriors can help you plan an extraordinary party that will surely be the highlight of your teen’s birthday.



  • Amusement Park

Australia has also a good number of amusements parks that your teens would love to visit and have fun. Why choose the amusement park as your teen’s party venue? Well, the amusement park has a lot of rides to offer, plus it’s spacious enough to accommodate a large crowd of your teen’s invited guests.

  • Bowling

Bowling is becoming trendy among teens. Why? It is a good sports activity and easy to learn even newbies. Besides, bowling centres flourish everywhere in Australia because this game can be played by adults, teens including children as young as seven years old. For teens hosting a bowling party is cool and can be included in the games birthday party itinerary.

If your teen’s personality is adventurous and outgoing the above teen birthday party ideas would hit his or her interest. In case your teenage son or daughter opted for a laser tag party at your spacious garden in Chatswood, why not give the LaserWarriors Mobile Laser Tag team a quick call and book a private consultation.

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