Why is it important to reward your staff before Christmas?

Did you know, that the number one reason why employees leave a workplace is because of a lack of recognition?

In the lead up to the end of the year, employees can feel drained, tired and worn-down from the busyness of the year.

That’s why organising a Corporate Team Building Day, Christmas Party or Family Day Out is the perfect way to give your team a boost and to help get through to the end of the year. It’s a chance to take a break, relax and celebrate the years accomplishments.

Here at LaserWarriors, we have facilitated many team building and staff party events with our Mobile Laser Tag Games. It’s the perfect way to escape the mundane and show your appreciation to your staff members.

Working as a team outside of the workplace will enable your staff to better understand each other’s interests, strengths and weaknesses which can then be applied to work related projects.

A team building event has the following benefits:

• Positive Reinforcement
• Increase Motivation
• Team Building
• Improve Productivity
• Develop Problem Solving Skills
• Increased Collaboration
• Improved Communication
• Encourage Creativity

We find that everyone likes a bit of friendly competition! Laser Tag is a way to level the playing field for the day. Mail room officer vs CEO, IT vs Finance, it is a chance for people to shine in a different context. Your MVP (most valuable player) might be the person who is usually overlooked!

Getting outdoors and active, away from the florescent lights, beige walls, rows of cubical desks, it’s no wonder we get such an amazing response to our outdoor Laser Tag events. Staff just love the chance to break out of the usual routine and get some fresh air together.

Family Days Out are also a great way to show appreciation to the people behind the employee. From kids to teens to adults young and old, everyone can take part in Laser Tag. Perhaps the managers can be on the BBQ while the employees and their family can relax and play.


Reward your staff with an experience they wont forget!

Priced from just $240, whatever your requirement or budget, we are sure that we can find a package that will suit your needs – just call us to discuss.

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