Skirmish – Laser Skirmish for various occasions

Laser skirmish is a high tech recreational activity which suits players across all ages. The idea has been inspired and evolved from a paintball game where laser skirmish uses the same battlefield scenario without any painful bruises or wounds which are synonymous with paintball.

One can enjoy laser skirmish either indoors or outdoors depending on the weather, budget and number of players. Laser skirmish is ideal for a wide range of occasions and events which includes your kid’s birthday, corporate events, bachelor party and community building events.

Popular as a great team building exercise, laser skirmish is used for team building activities for new teams and corporate groups so that they can understand the value of playing as a team and practise to achieve common objectives together. One can celebrate their kid’s birthday with a laser skirmish game which creates great memories your guests won’t ever forget. One can customize laser skirmish games based on their needs and budget.

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