Skirmish – How different is Paintball from Laser Tag Skirmish?

One would definitely enjoy playing both paintball and laser tag skirmish, however there are quite a few variances which makes them different. Laser tag skirmish is not generally regulated by any state or local laws, however paintball is regulated in many places.
Laser tag skirmish doesn’t allow running to make the whole experience safe, fun-filled and enjoyable, whereas paintball does have its share of risks and issues which can compromise the player’s safety. While Laser tag skirmish enjoys huge number of shots, there are limited shots allowed for paintball.
Laser tag skirmish can be enjoyed by a wider range of people because it is well suited for different age groups, and doesn’t promote nasty hits. Also, paintball games end up with a lot of mess which needs to be cleaned, whereas Laser tag skirmish only emits Infra red light and hence there is absolutely no mess.