Learn How To Defeat Enemies In A Laser Tag Party

Best Laser Tag in Sydney
Boys having fun playing laser tag at a Birthday Party in Sydney


Laser tag is an adventurous gear to break the monotony in everyone’s life, irrespective of age and gender. Vanquishing the fear of the unknown and taking measured steps towards victory, a laser tag party is a perfect way to feel adrenaline rush. What if, you incorporate this idea into your boys’ birthday party? With that in mind, the experts at Laser Warriors have come up with a complete guide to host the best laser skirmish in Sydney and make sure everyone finds his/her daredevil side.  


Boys Birthday Party: Strategizing Dress Code

The usual boys’ birthday party may not follow any dress or colour code but the addition of the laser tag is likely to change everything. Keep in mind to hand out this circular,

  • Put on layered dresses for infusing an impression of surviving in an impenetrable territory. Do not forget to make the battle arena cold.
  • Choose comfortable boots and sneakers. Steer clear of heels.
  • Deodorize yourself and drink plenty of water before going in.
  • Wear dark colours for not becoming easy targets of the enemies.


Give Out Attacking Tips

For making laser skirmish in Sydney more challenging, offer helpful tips to the little battalion:  

  • Instead of spending time on taking a perfect aim, shooting at a person’s sensor is better.
  • Hold and shoot the laser tag the way you have seen using machine guns in the films. Turn sideways, keep your face to right or left shoulder, and then aim at that direction.
  • Find a defensive point to start firing. The hideout can keep the enemies puzzled but do not forget to keep your back covered.


Winning Tips For Laser Tag Party

In the end, winning is what matters the most to the kids in a laser tag party. Hence, boost your little rebel’s confidence level by whispering some of the hassle-free winning tips.  

  • Do not get spotted in the first round. Find a good location and snipe from a far distance without using many hits.
  • Ambush enemies with your teammates. Of course, make a plan for it beforehand.
  • Practice with your friends and review the score in the demo games. It is a wise way to improve strategy continually.

You can let the birthday king/queen take little extra advantages by dressing him/he in dark-coloured colours and shoes. The tips for attacking and winning will also come handy when the match becomes more intense. However, our professionals at Laser Warriors can help your kids with the laser guns and their features. You just have to give us a call at 1300-LAZERTAG (1300 529 378).  

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