Laser Tag – The Evolution over the Years

Laser Tag introduced around 28 years back in the US and since that time, it has ascended in the entertainment world as a great attraction which can add to any facility’s mix. However, in those days the laser tag guns used to be heavy, cumbersome and bulky.

With the advancements in technology, we now have modern day vest and phasers which weigh almost four times less. With a lighter equipment, rich features, interactive game modes and advanced technology for flawless scoring, Laser tag has created a furore among kids and adults equally.

Players are quick to learn and smart which means the game needs to evolve to ensure that the experience is ever changing. To promise long lasting memories, laser tag needs to provide a great environment, decor and more. An outdoor laser tag game promises great fun and excitement. A laser tag themed birthday party is a great idea to keep the kids busy and entertained.