Laser tag Chatswood – The dress code for a Laser Tag game

The ultimate goal of Laser tag Chatswood game is to hit the sensor covered vest of your opponents while keeping your own vest safe from the infrared gun. There are number of tactics which can prove beneficial and one among them is the clothes you choose to wear.

To allow yourself the best chance to win in a Laser tag Chatswood match, you should choose clothes which offer comfort and concealment. A pair of dark coloured bottoms for indoor laser tag Chatswood while a camouflage patterned bottoms for outdoor laser tag Chatswood is the best way to conceal yourself from your opponents.

By dressing in a dark coloured top for indoor laser tag Chatswood, you prevent the dress from glowing and hence you can successfully conceal yourself under the flashing lights. Wear a pair of comfortable sneakers so that you can move around quickly and safely.

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