Laser Tag Chatswood – Playing like a professional

So you are not new to Laser Tag Chatswood, but you now want to play like a professional and you’re looking for tips which can improve your playing style and strategies. Shooting properly is the first and most important step which is pretty obvious but worth a mention. Over smaller distance, mere shooting at opponents may work but for longer distances, the accuracy reduces drastically.

Making the best use of cover is the key to keeping your sensor vest safe from enemy fire. Playing as a team and coming up with a flawless team plan is extremely important in a game of Laser Tag Chatswood. The standard game duration is nearly 6 minutes long which means speed and accuracy is extremely important.

Shooting recklessly is not going to help hence one needs the perfect amalgamation of all the above techniques i.e. shooting accurately while making the best use of cover and having a watertight strategy to achieve team objectives.

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