Laser tag Chatswood – Don’t be a sitting duck!

Laser tag Chatswood is an extremely exciting game and no one really wants to be the sitting duck. In order to be good at laser tag Chatswood you do need to understand the rules of the game properly and strategize well.
Choose dark coloured vests to camouflage and avoid giving away your position details. Also, split your team for different missions i.e. one for defence and the other for attack or ambush. Don’t stay at one spot, keep changing your positions to make it difficult for the enemy to track and target you.
Staying down with your gun when the enemy is near and choosing a preferred position to attack is important. It is extremely important that everyone in your team knows the rules of Laser Tag Chatswood. If your get hit, it is best to hide somewhere for a short time until your lights come back once again. Most important, play it safe and ensure to make the entire experience joyful and exciting.

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