Laser Skirmish – The perfect laser tag briefing

The first step for a brilliant Laser skirmish experience is the briefing session where all the players gather in the briefing room and learn the rules, safety information and how to play the game. At times, the service providers think of the briefing session as an afterthought, however it is an important legal precaution before the players can enjoy laser skirmish.

The briefing sets the tone and expectation for everything about to come during the course of game. The briefing session is also used to provide details of the game type which one wants to play for laser skirmish. The objectives are discussed and each team is then allowed to discuss with their respective team on how they want to plan and strategize.

During the briefing, the entire staff can introduce themselves which allows the guests to be comfortable and they can ask questions during the game or, reach out to staff in case of any help needed.

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