Laser skirmish Sydney – Top Tier game modes

Laser skirmish Sydney has been extremely popular and hence there have been different game options developed over the years. For the best Laser skirmish Sydney experience, one can rotate through different game modes.

The standard version of laser skirmish Sydney game is the Energize mode where one needs to tag their opponents and try to tag their headquarters to score maximum points. In case of supercharge game mode, the player must tag five opponents in a row without being tagged to get 3-shot rapid burst shooting. In case of solo game, there are no teams and every player can shoot anyone.

In an eliminator game, one starts with a limited number of lives and then the player needs to start eliminating other players. In case of stun game mode of Laser skirmish Sydney, one starts with unlimited lives and the whole idea is to shoot more opponents. There are other strategic game modes like the battlefield where mines are introduced. Un-used vests can be used as mines which detonates in certain intervals to tag nearby players.


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