How to Finetune Your Laser Tag Strategies for Heightened Levels of Success

Finding the right party idea for your child’s approaching birthday can be difficult. You might consider a plethora of party options based on conversations with friends, neighbours, colleagues etc. You might even scan the internet to come up with innovative and exciting ideas for planning your child’s birthday party in Turramurra or other places. But, you might find that all the party ideas you’re considering do not appear exciting, unique or stimulating. In such instance, hosting a laser tag party could be a worthwhile alternative. These games offer a lot of fun and excitement. In addition, they come in an enviable range of themes that can enhance the fun quotient even more. Besides this, laser tag parties can be ideal for people of all ages – children and adults alike. Thus, by organising a laser tag party, you could end up giving your child a memorable and delightful day.

Don’t Lose Sight of the Accuracy Bonus When Playing Laser Tag

In some cases, the organisers might provide a bonus score based on the player’s accuracy at the end of each game. This score will depend on the hit ratio of the player. The hit ratio typically divides the number of times you tagged players successfully with the number of shots you’ve fired. Your final score will include this bonus. Hence, you will need to factor in your accuracy and hit ratio during a laser tag party for a kid’s birthday. Some players make the mistake of firing fast and frequently. But, this strategy often yields more misses than hits. Thus, consider practising hitting your targets, while you shoot sparingly. If you can make each of your shots count, you will get a better bonus score at the end of the game.

Understand the Difference Between Your Points and Game Credits

Some people play laser tag merely for enjoyment. Thus, they will never think about their game strategies. Nor will they reflect on whether they play the game offensively or defensively. Yet, these aspects can be important for players looking to excel in laser tag. Thus, knowing the difference between points and game credits could make a considerable difference to these individuals. Points denote the basic elements that make up your score at the end of the game. In contrast, you could receive credits at the beginning of the game for spending so as to boost your final score. Thus, a canny player will usually begin a game with a lot of credits and no score. But, at the end of the laser tag party for a kid’s birthday, the same player will have a high score and low credits.

Don’t Neglect to Listen Attentively to the Briefing

Some laser tag players feel that they have played the game a sufficient number of times. Hence, they don’t listen attentively to the instructions provided in the briefing. This could be counterproductive. Ensure that you listen to the details of the adventure and the allocation of points. You will need to know the number of points you can earn from tagging other players. Similarly, you should know about the number of points you can earn by trading in credits at the Game Enhancing Modules (GEMs). Experienced laser tag players will use defensive strategies in games where they lose more points when others tag them as opposed to the points gained from tagging other players. In case you stand to earn more points from tagging others than the points you lose when others tag you, you will need to use an offensive strategy.

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