How to Enhance the Fun and Enjoyment of Your Laser Tag Games Creatively

Games like laser tag have become quite popular throughout Australia. Essentially, a game of skill and precision, laser tag has come a long way from its avatar in the 1980s. At the time, the game quickly caught the imagination of youngsters in malls and arcades. However, with the passage of time, it has evolved significantly too. Today, you can play laser tag both indoors and outdoors. At the same time, you can play games with varying levels of complexity to suit people of all age groups. Thus, you can organise basic games for the smallest kids. And, you can organise games with more complexities to suit teenagers and adults alike as well. Because it offers a lot of fun and excitement, laser tag has become a staple for girls’ and boys’ birthday party games. But, this does not mean that you cannot enliven these games further by using your creativity.

Send the Kids on a Scavenger Hunt by Setting Up Obstacle Courses

A game of laser tag will inevitably feature a treasure or scavenger hunt. The participants will typically need to follow the clues they come across to unearth the next big prize. However, you can make the hunt more exciting by setting up an obstacle course. This could help the participants achieve a sense of pride as they overcome the challenges placed before them. To set up obstacle courses at the venue of the kids’ birthday parties, all you need will be objects made of wood or cardboard. Place these at random locations throughout the course. The participants will need to crawl through, climb over or crawl under these obstacles. To step up the challenge level, you could even set up stations where participants need to solve a problem before they proceed. The problem could simply be a puzzle that requires solving. Or, it could involve shooting a target created by placing a sensor on a moving object.

Capture the Flag – One of the Most Popular and Basic Laser Tag Games

In most cases, setting up laser tag games for five or 10 participants will not pose any challenges. Even professional organisers can set up the playing arena for these participants with minimal fuss. On occasions, though, you might have a sizeable number of participants. In this scenario, consider splitting the participants into two or even, three groups. The objective of each team will be to outdo the other. This will not only make the game fun and competitive. It can be a lot of fun for kids and adults alike. Simply decide on the final prize or goal i.e. a flag or another artefact. Pick the teams from the guests attending the party for your kid’s birthday, with one guarding the prize and the other striving to obtain it. The playing area can be like a maze or a dark arena with plenty of hiding places. Over the course of the game, players will tag their opponents. This could lead to the tagged players leaving the game permanently or for a few minutes only. The team that captures or rescues the prize first wins the game.

Some people might enjoy playing laser tag in games for birthday party kids in a ‘ghostly’ manner. For this, you can create a maze indoors. One group can play at being ghosts or monsters. Similarly, the others can play at being knights or ghost busters. To win the game, a player will need to overcome all the monsters in the maze. Players tagged by the monsters might need to restart the game entirely. To setup such enjoyable games for your child’s birthday party, contact the experts at Laser Warriors. With us, you can turn your laser tag party into an enjoyable and exciting affair for all the guests. For bookings, do visit Laser warriors today !

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