Girl Party Games – Teen Birthday Party Ideas

Are worried about your kid’s birthday party ideas? Well, you can make it real when you have some cracking game ideas for a birthday party!

If your kid is teens, they do not want to be treated as kids, but they are not mature enough to decide their party. Especially teen girls’ birthday party ideas would be tough for their parents. Some examples of girl’s birthday party ideas are as below:

  1. Truth or dare game for girls – One of all favorite games for girls is truth or dare.  The method for playing this game is: Girls sit in a circle on the ground and there is two boxes label as truth and dare. The first player chooses one another player sitting in the circle and has them reach in the truth container and pull out the truth questions of any kid a fun activity. Then another reads the question by herself and decide to want to answer it or not. If, yes then she has to give an answer, if not then she has to put that back and choose one question for dare box to complete the round turn on her.
  • Foil Fashion – Aluminium foil is used to create fashions in this unique dress up game – find out who can create and design the best or most creative outfit from just foil.  Fun games and girls really like making crazy looking for clothes! Majorly taken as teen birthday party ideas.
  • Laser Tag Games – The ultimate party Activity for all age groups. This game for the birthday party of kids is having more popularity these days among kids. Great for kids, convenient to play in the park or any other outdoor areas in-ground or lawn. Most importantly, n=boys, girls and even adults can play together.
  • Pardon me, but what are you doing? – Girls sit down and the first player starts by acting out an action such as combing her hair.  The girl following to her asks her “Pardon me, but what are you doing?” and she has to answer with something other then what she is doing such as “Riding a horse”.  Then the girl who asked the first question begins to act out somewhat and the nest to her asks the same question.  Try and go as fast as you can without messing up.

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