Getting Shy Kids to Join Your Laser Tag Party

boys birthday party


Attending birthday parties is an excellent way to help children build their social skills and even make some new friends. However, it seems that not all children share the same perspective — especially the shy ones. This is quite normal among young children. But when you’re trying to get every child involved in the party games for kids that you’ve set up and see one or two hiding behind their parents’ back or slinking in their chairs, then it gets a bit awkward.


Should you or the parents be worried? Not necessarily. As it turns out, this is quite a normal behaviour for young children. They should be able to outgrow their shyness as they become older. For instance, children in grade school should be able to overcome their reluctance to join in activities as their desire to have fun becomes stronger.


But what if they don’t? Should you force them into wanting to socialize and play at birthday parties? Experts say that you could, but in a gentler and more understanding way. This is because shaming, blaming or getting angry at them will cause emotional damage that will make them withdraw more.


When we get invited to help parents set up a game of laser tag as party games for kids, we always make it a point to get everyone at the party involved. That is why we have various game modes that cater to young children and adults. We can even modify the game modes so parents and kids can play together at the same time.


Nothing makes us happy than to see everyone at the party have a grand time playing laser tag. So when we see a child or two sitting out in the corner by themselves, we try our very best to encourage them to join. But of course, much of the responsibility will still rest upon the parent and host of the party.


If you really want to help shy kids get out of their shells and join in on the fun, then you’ll need an activity or party games for kids that will encourage them to do so. Laser tag is such an exciting game, and we can’t imagine anyone not wanting to join — even the shy ones.


Need help in setting up a laser tag party for your kid’s birthday? Get in touch with us and we’ll be more than happy to help you out. Call us up at 1300 529 37 or leave a message in our contact page.


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