Some Popular Themes and Games for Birthday Party Kids

Parents often have too much on their plates. From juggling their careers to managing the home, they will often find themselves hard-pressed for time. In this scenario, planning a birthday party for their child can complicate matters further. Surpassing the stupendous success of your child’s previous birthday party can be a tough ask. However, you can simply amend the themes of your child’s party to ensure that each party becomes a resounding success.

Some popular themes and games for your child’s birthday party could include:

  • A Video Game Party: This has to be among the cheapest birthday party ideas for kids. You could consider renting some video game consoles. Or, you could even set them up on different television sets. The birthday cake and the other refreshments are all you need to round up this party.
  • A LEGO Party: For many kids, LEGO is an engaging and entertaining activity. If the party only has five or 10 kids attending it, consider a party with a LEGO theme. Ensure that you have enough LEGO bricks (or blocks) to keep the kids engaged. A steady supply of pizzas and other refreshments will keep the kids occupied for hours.
  • A Scavenger Hunt: If you have a large lawn, consider organising a scavenger hunt. Depending on the number of participants, you could even consider expanding the area into the neighbourhood.
  • A Laser Tag Party: This might be slightly more expensive than the ideas mentioned above. However, for wholesome entertainment and fun, this game has no parallels. You could consider hiring the local laser arena for the skirmish. Alternatively, if you have a large lawn, some professionals could come over to your place and set up the activity for you. If you’re keen on enjoying some me-time while the kids play, these professionals can manage the activity as well. In recent times, this game has become very popular among kids of all ages.