Are You Looking for Assistance in Planning a Laser Tag Party in Sydney?

There are several entertaining party ideas for younger kids. However, it is harder to engage with tweenies and teenagers. Given the widespread use of electronic items like iPads, Playstations etc., it is unsurprising that many of these kids prefer handling their gizmos than playing games. However, we have the games necessary to make kids use their brains, while exercising their muscles too.

At the LaserWarriors, we specialise in arranging outdoor laser tag games. These games bring all the aspects of outdoor paintball in a safe and exciting format. Our games focus on ensuring that the kids learn to think, communicate and move. Thus, our games are more than just mindless indoor-style shootouts. Moreover, we have a plethora of med kits and mission objectives. These enhance the variety and the challenges of the game, thereby making them more appealing and enthralling.

We also have an experienced crew, who can host LaserWarrior parties. They specialise in marshalling large groups of players. Therefore, if you’re keen on organising a laser skirmish party, call us at 1300 LAZERTAG. Our team will be at your site within 15 – 30 minutes. They will handle the arrangements and set the stage for a party that your kid (and the attendees) will remember for days to come.