How to host an easy outdoor party

When hosting a kids birthday party there can be a LOT of stress… the preparations, the mess, the chaos, not to mention making sure everyone has fun including the birthday boy or girl.

That’s why choosing an outdoor party activity can be a great way to eliminate a lot of these party worries. It means less mess at home, no pre-cleaning, more space and when it’s all over you can retreat back to your home and put your feet up without having to spend time putting your house back in order!

Here are our top 5 tips to hosting an easy outdoor party:

  1. Keep it close-by
    We’re lucky that in Sydney there are so many amazing parks and playgrounds dotted everywhere. It’s ideal to keep your party close-by; not only for the ease of your guests but it also makes it hastle-free as you can easily pop back home if you’ve forgotten something at the last minute.

2. Playground Facilities
When choosing a park or playground, here are some things to consider:

Bathrooms – are there bathrooms available and fairly close by as most likely you’ll have to supervise the kids as they go for bathroom breaks.

Table – is there a table and chairs area you can use as the party table, or will you need to bring your own?

Parking – does the park have adequate parking close by?

Shelter – not only for rain, but for sun, having a shelter area is ideal

Chairs for parents – is there seating for the parents who might stay around for the party or do you need to bring some fold up chairs?

Want a wet weather option? Scout halls are everywhere and make the perfect option for when you need a rainy day alternative. Checkout the Scouts website HERE.

Give us a call if you need some park/playground ideas, Linda is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Sydney’s best parks!

3. Spread the word
When sending out the invitations, email is a perfectly acceptable way to send out the party invites. Unlike paper invitations, they can’t get lost and it’s easy for parents to hit the Reply Button to RSVP. We have a range of FREE party invitations, you can find them HERE!

Along with the who, what, when, where of the invitation, here are some other things to take into consideration and will answer any questions the parents may have:

Food – it’s good to request any allergy information here and let parents know what food is planned for the event.

Parking – let parents know the best places to park, or offer to car pool a certain amount of kids. This will reduce stress all round and help get the party started on time!

Attire – is it a dress up theme? Let them know the theme of the party, but also request the kids wear joggers, hat and sunscreen on the day.

Rain Plans – let the parents know that if rain is forecast you’ll send an email at least 3 hours before the start time. Also, do you know our rain policy? We can reschedule your party at no charge if you give us a call at least 3 hours prior to the start time!

4. Catering
It can be fun to go all-out with catering but we find that when the kids have been running around at our parties they just want quick and easy food options and plenty of water!

BBQ – a lot of parks have BBQ facilities so why no bring some sausages and a few loaves of bread and keep it simple with a sausage sizzle lunch!

Pizzas – why not arrange for pizzas to be delivered to the park, they’ll be hot and fresh and fill up those hungry tummies!

Sushi – pick up a few sushi platters that morning, most kids love sushi and it’s quick and easy to eat, no plates necessary!

Sandwiches – plates of sandwiches can be made and frozen ahead of time and defrosted the morning of the party.

Water bottles – make sure the kids have plenty of water, write each child’s name on a water bottle and usually there is a park bubbler you can use to fill them up while they are playing games.

5. Entertainment
Keeping the kids active and entertained makes for an easy party. Our Laser Tag games are designed to keep the kids engaged, active and working as a team. Our staff tailor the game lengths to be age appropriate – younger kids have a shorter attention span where as the older kids will be begging for more. The parents love the fact that they can sit back, watching the kids have a great time while they chill-out knowing the fun is taken care of.

Give us a call today to arrange your next outdoor party! Make life easy with LaserWarriors – we bring the fun to you!

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