3 Fun Boys Birthday Party Ideas in 2019

Boys having fun at the Best Boys Birthday Party in Sydney

Any good boys’ birthday party always is a big event filled with laughter, fun and a whole lot of joyous screaming. Well, at least they should be. Choosing the right party games or themes for your little boys’ birthday parties is a sure-fire way to make it memorable.

Now, you might be wondering how you can make sure you choose the right one. The following are some of the hottest boys’ birthday party ideas of 2019. Choosing one or more of these is bound to make your kid remember this party forever – at least until next year.

3 Popular Birthday Party Ideas for Boys


Laser Tag


If you are among the many men who spend a big part of their childhood shooting with toy guns at your friends across the neighbourhood, then this option is an obvious one for you. Laser tag is a great game, it is economical, it is safe and it can be played by virtually everyone. Further, it can be played all day since the way you play it depends entirely on you. If you want ideas on how and where to play laser tag, go look for laser skirmish in Sydney now!

A Buccaneer Theme

Swashbuckling pirates are an evergreen theme for all boys’ birthday parties. You can get the costumes and toys for a really cheap price too. These toys are also usually rented safe for children so the chances of someone getting a poke in the eye are virtually nil. Plus, what could be more exciting than duelling with your son using swords on stage on their birthday?

Party Games Galore

If you are not keen on any particular game or another, getting a mix of all the options is always a good idea. You can even include laser tag along with other popular choices such as bounce houses, musical chairs, pinball machines etc. An even mix of these should cater to not just your kid’s friends but also to their parents.

Where Can You Get the Best Laser Tag Services in Australia?

Laser Warriors is a popular laser tag services provider in Sydney. We offer our laser tag in a park which is one of the most popular games ideas for kids birthday parties in Australia today. If you want to ensure a great time for your children at their birthday party then book with us now!

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