3 Awesome Ideas for Kids’ Birthday Parties You Have to Try!

Boys Birthday Party Turramurra

Arranging kid’s birthday parties can be a lot of stress. You need to find the right mix of decorations, arrangements, entertainment and games. The last one is quite important here, because you need to have the right games at kids’ birthday parties. This is precisely what makes laser tag the best party game idea for kids.  So, here are some of the most popular ideas for kids’ birthday parties in Turramurra this year.

3 Awesome Ideas for Kids Birthday Parties in Turramurra

1. Bounce House

Bounce houses are very common in kids’ birthday parties. They are affordable and you can get two or more in a group. This will help you keep the costs to minimal and also keep the kids entertained. The bounce house is a good option but it does not go the whole way. Some kids will get bored in a while. But you can include other games as well.

2. Water Slide

If you’re feeling like being the best dad in the neighbourhood, waterslides are a great option. They don’t cost nearly as much as you might think and you can get them in place of a bounce house too. The only thing is that you need to hold the party during the day and get sun-tan for all the kiddies. Other than that, a sizzling barbecue rack and slippery kids sliding down into water is awesome!

3. Laser Tag

Laser tag is easily the most exciting of all the games we have here. And it is also way more accommodating of all kinds of kids’ birthday parties. Whether you have 20 kids over or 50, you can be sure laser tag will work for everyone. All you need is enough laser shooters and tag equipment. Then you can go about trying to outwit each other in different locales. Also, you can switch arenas. You can play one game in a park and then another in your neighbourhood. The choice of arenas makes this game even more fun than you can think of earlier.

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