Our Mobile Computerised Scoreboard


  • LaserWarriors crew are equipped with a mobile laser tag scoreboard called the Central Command Computer CCC.
  • Each player is assigned a specific code name which is links their LaserBlaster to the CCC.
  • Each shot by every player is recorded by the CCC, which also monitors the particular rules of that game mode.
  • The scores can be seen in realtime on the CCC, so players and parents can easily see how the game is progressing.
  • Game scores, with detailed player stats (who hit whom etc) are displayed on the CCC at the end of each game so players can compare results.
  • Winners or Winning Teams have a Green LED flashing on their blasters at the end of the game (others have a Red LED flashing) so they don’t even have to come to the CCC to know the result.
  • Since the laser tag scoreboard is fully computerised, there are no disputes about who is the winner!

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  • check your score laser tag
  • laser tag score chart
  • laser warriors score chart
  • laser tag score chart
  • laser tag score chart
check your score laser tag

All LaserBlasters are connected to the CCC by radio wave signals to the main Antenna

laser tag score chart

In Free Frag, each player can see their realtime ranking during the game!

laser warriors score chart

Game Over! Individual rankings are posted on screen for Free Frag.

laser tag score chart

During Team Games, the leading team is always at the top of the screen - watch how this dynamically changes during the game as different teams get the upper hand.

laser tag score chart

The Winning Team is always at the top, with individual scores also shown.