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Class Rewards Package


Teachers often put extra-ordinary effort into educating our children!

Incentives and rewards go a long way to helping in the classroom and we want to do our bit to help! We offer a discounted package to teachers at all schools in the Sydney North Shore area wanting to arrange a uniquely motivating School or Class Reward.

The feedback from teachers has been tremendous – the activity fully engages boys and girls and is a fantastic motivator. As with our other packages – we want teachers to have a relaxing experience whilst we deliver the fun – so be prepared to sit back and take a well deserved break.

  • $300 fixed fee – no charge for additional players
  • Up to 25 players (ie the whole class) at a time
  • 2 Crew members to manage the games
  • 90 minutes of pure playtime
  • We provide WCC and Insurance Certification
  • Complimentary Bunkers n Barricades package if held on a school playing field.
  • Only available for booking by Primary School Teachers on the Sydney North Shore during school days.

Yes we have certification!

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