Why Parents Prefer Hosting a Laser Tag Party for their Kid’s Birthday

Under any circumstances, organising a party for your kid’s birthday can be tough. After all, keeping a number of kids engaged throughout the party can get quite taxing. This is why many parents prefer selecting party themes that feature exciting games like laser tag or paintball. Of the two, however, laser tag remains the party game of choice for a variety of reasons.

Why You Should Consider a Laser Tag Party for Your Kid’s Birthday

Not all parents are aware of the difference between paintball and laser tag. The former is a game where players eliminate their opponents by hitting them with paintballs. Players use air weapons or paintball markers to hit their opponents. Paintballs are spherical gelatin capsules filled with dye. They will typically break upon contact. In contrast, laser tag does not involve objects hitting or striking the players. Instead, players rely on infrared beams fired from infrared guns to hit their opponents. Not surprisingly, the painlessness of laser tag makes it immensely popular among kids.


Parents often prefer organising laser tag parties because such parties:


  • Do not cause painful bruises and injuries
  • Do not feature any physical contact by a projectile
  • Feature guns that have a far greater range than paintball markers or airsoft guns
  • Enhance the comfort levels of the kids because the kids do not need to wear any protective gear
  • Feature aspects such as ammunition boxes and medic boxes that the players could use to devise warfare strategies
  • Do not require players to purchase pellets and,
  • Let players reload their guns as and when needed


Do You Want to Organise a Laser Tag Party for Your Child in Sydney?


When you want to host a superb party for your kid’s birthday, you’ll need to ensure that you keep the kids engaged. For this, you will need fun-filled activities. At Laser Warriors, we believe that laser tag is the party game of choice. Since 2011, we have been arranging mobile laser tag for a wide range of activities all over Sydney. Not only do we have some of the most experienced professionals in the country on our team. We also have cutting-edge equipment that can enhance the thrill factor considerably. We can safely vouch for the fact that laser tag will keep kids of all ages out of mischief. To know more, call us at 1300 LAZERTAG.

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