What Does a Laser Gun For Laser Tag in the Park Offer?

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The laser gun is a vital part of laser tag in the park that must work well for it to be useful for a birthday party. There are many features that can be found in one of these materials for this fun team game.


A Simple Body

One of the reasons why laser tag is big among birthday party ideas is that the guns used in this game are not tough to use. Laser guns are built for right and left-handed users alike. They weigh about 400 to 500 grams on average too. You can even use one of these with a single or double-handed grip depending on your preference.


A Good Range

A laser gun must come with a strong range. It can target people from 50 metres or more away. It works with an infrared readout that is accurate by about one metre in diameter at 100 metres.

The gun can also link up to a control computer from any spot in a park. A gun can link to a computer from about 300 metres away. This should be good enough for most gaming needs.


A Safe Power Source

You will not have to worry about dangerous batteries that might catch fire when using a laser gun for laser tag in the park. A typical laser gun is powered by a few AA batteries. Around four batteries are needed in most cases.


What About Ammo?

One of the best parts of a laser gun is that it can be programmed to use a certain amount of ammo. You can get it programmed to hold a certain number of clips with a particular number of bullets in each clip. Each gun can be programmed based on the party host’s desires.


How About Display Features?

Laser tag in the park is more enjoyable when players can see what is happening on their laser guns. Display features on these guns can include lights that signal hits, misses and other things. Ammo and health readouts can be found through a display screen too.

All of these points for a laser gun show just why laser tag is one of the best birthday party ideas you can get into. The gun makes the game all the more fun. Check out what Laser Warriors has to offer to learn more about this part of a game.


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