Types of Games For a Laser Skirmish Sydney

The excitement of laser tag Chatswood or Sydney events can be great but there are many different game options for you to consider. These go well beyond just a traditional laser skirmish Sydney participants might get into.

KOTH Games Are Popular

King of the hill or KOTH games are among the best games to play when enjoying laser tag in the park. A KOTH game works in that one person is in charge of holding a certain hill or other base. The goal is for a team to protect the player that is king of the hill. When a person beats the king of the hill, that person becomes the new king. The goal is to be the king for as long as possible to win a match for one’s team. In many cases a game can be a free-for-all with the winner being just one person who is the king for as long as possible.

Last Team Standing

A last team standing match is another option for a laser tag party game. This is where players on a team have a limited number of lives to work with. The goal is to shoot each other as many times as needed. A person who runs out of lives is out of the match. The key is for one team to be left while the people on the other team are fully eliminated.

How a Hostage Game Works

A hostage game is also popular to play. On this kind of game, you will have to rescue one player on your team who is a hostage. After the people defending the hostage are defeated, you can bring that person back to your base. The key is to get the hostage back to where you are based out of. This is to get that person back onto your team. You can also choose to take in a player from the other team to use as a hostage.

All of these games are attractive for people to look forward to when it comes to a laser skirmish Sydney. These are games that offer many great ways for people to have fun. The objectives of these games are varied and are especially fun to look forward to playing in any field around Sydney or Chatswood.

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