Skirmish – Exponential growth in Laser Tag’s popularity

The recent results of nationwide surveys shows an exponential growth in the popularity for laser skirmish. Over the past few years the number of laser tag skirmish facilities are increasing. Although currently the number of bowling centres are more in comparison to laser skirmish arenas, however if the same growth trend continues, laser skirmish arenas … Continued

Laser Skirmish – Different features of Laser tag

Laser skirmish is a great sporting game which can be played in groups of varying sizes and played in the indoor or outdoor arenas. A great game which can be played with family, friends and colleagues and immensely popular for birthday parties and corporate team building events. There are different variations of laser tag systems … Continued

Skirmish – Learning to play Laser Tag games

Laser skirmish is a fun game which can be played with your friends and colleagues. To start with, try to know the playing arena like the back of your hand. In the briefing room, ideally there would be an arena map which is worth studying. Wear dark clothes because the UV lights would make white … Continued

Skirmish – Important Safety guidelines for Laser Tag Party

The laser tag party host should discuss and come to an agreement on the important safety guidelines applicable for a laser tag party. It is generally the responsibility of the party host to ensure that the playing area is relatively safe and kept accident free. Laserwarriors provides professionally trained laser skirmish staff – they can … Continued